Behavioral Health and Behavioral Services for Schools, Children and Adolescents.


RFS Behavioral Health specializes in the development and implementation of school based mental health and behavioral services. RFS Behavioral Health T.A.C.K.L.E. program is the most utilized clinical school based program in Northwest Ohio. RFS is an Ohio 501c3 non-profit and accredited behavioral health agency. 


To pioneer unique, comprehensive, and innovative approaches to mental health that enhances well-being and promotes overall school success.

RFS Behavioral Health exclusively provides outpatient and school based mental health and behavioral services.

Our approach provides real time intervention, eliminates barriers, and engages the client in schools and their natural environment. RFS builds collaborative relationships with schools and community resources to provide our clients with a holistic, client centered approach.

                           darrell dorn      school liaison 

                           Tracey Warren    Clinical director

                           alex carter         Program Manager

                          Marcus Haynes    case manager


Chinnon Jaquay

School Psychologist

Northwest Ohio Speech offers Speech/Language and Occupational therapies on an outpatient basis, as well as Speech/Language therapy in the home care setting. We also contract directly with local schools, rehabilitation facilities, and nursing homes to provide the broadest spectrum of care available. Northwest Ohio Speech retains a caring, considerate staff of therapists, ranging in specialties and experience.

All of NOSLAR therapists are state licensed and certified in their specialties. While offering a diverse spectrum of rehabilitation services, they excel in maintaining their personal commitment to each and every patient. 


Lauren A. Notestine      Speech and Language Therapist

Jonathan Pitts    Occupational Therapist

Katelyn Spiess   Occupational Therapist