Caregiver Grove provides services to our children, adolescents, and adults 7 days a week.

​Caregiver Grove provide:
- Case Management
- Crisis Intervention
- Individual & Family Counseling
- Mental Health 
- Psychiatric Services & Medication Management
- Support Groups
- Telehealth 

-Individual or Group Therapy

- Youth Summer Program



Roye Durden

Licensed Social Worker and Behavioral Counselor


Licensed Social Worker and Behavioral Counselor

Taylor Smith

Case Manager


Caregiver Grove professional therapists and case managers will work with your child at the location, in the home, and in the community.


Chinnon Jaquay

School Psychologist

Northwest Ohio Speech offers Speech/Language and Occupational therapies on an outpatient basis, as well as Speech/Language therapy in the home care setting. We also contract directly with local schools, rehabilitation facilities, and nursing homes to provide the broadest spectrum of care available. Northwest Ohio Speech retains a caring, considerate staff of therapists, ranging in specialties and experience.

All of NOSLAR therapists are state licensed and certified in their specialties. While offering a diverse spectrum of rehabilitation services, they excel in maintaining their personal commitment to each and every patient. 


Lauren A. Notestine      Speech and Language Therapist

Ellie Braidic / Melissa Shaw       Occupational Therapist

TBD     Physical Therapist